The “go to” guy: From the other side

This blog has a tagline about exploring “both sides” of the brain and I do try to explore and nurture both the techy and the feely of life. Of course, I am always interested when they intersect. Part of the official parts of my job is to be technical support for the faculty and staff at my school. In all of my previous jobs, I have always been the unofficial technical support mostly because I was one of the first to use it and one of the first who understood it enough to explain it to others. Beyond my work… Read More »The “go to” guy: From the other side

Making it look easy

I have a ukulele now. And I take piano lessons. Add in the drum set in the basement and the guitar in the closet and there are a lot of musical opportunities in the house these days. Right now, the uke is the winner…it sits out by my desk and I pick it up about every day. Can’t say I practice any of the rest of the instruments that much. Of course, I am only playing the one song I know right now (I’m Yours by Jason Mraz) but the more I play it, the easier it gets. Practice makes… Read More »Making it look easy

Wordle – Beautiful way to share tags

A colleague reminded me of Wordle. I truly find it beautiful. Both in the elegance that the Java app works (cannot say that about all java apps!) and in the actual creation of the tool. So, without further ado, here is my Wordle based on current tags in my delicious account!

Do you hug your technology?

Driving home yesterday, I heard a story on NPR about the last mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. This mission is the last repair mission (and the first one in seven year, it seems) and the story told a bit about the repairs and how it will help the mighty instrument be even more “mightier”. But what struck me the most was the part of the story about the astronauts also taking the feelings of the engineers and scientists with them on this last visit. The science team with Hubble have been working on it for decades. This last mission… Read More »Do you hug your technology?

You can have the Earth in YOUR hand

This is just darn cool technology and a great message to boot. As I continue to look over the impressive technology and social media used for Earth Hour 2009, I found this part of the site. Print out a little graphic, point it to your webcam and BAM – you have the world in your hand. I am intrigued to know how it works but also rather happy with just going with the whole “it’s magic” thing!

How not to do a Term of Service change…lesson from the Facebook playbook

So, Facebook made some changes to their Terms of Service (TOS) and it caused a major uproar in the blogosphere, on the Twitterosphere (is that a word? Twitterspace? Twitterverse – I think that is what I have seen before. Anyhoo – at first, I was like, all, Wha? They can just use my stuff? But, then I realized that I just put up exactly that….stuff. Silly photos, comments, and the occasional link or trivia game. Nothing that would awful to lose. But, I will caution folks who use Facebook for marketing (and I have a talk on that this week… Read More »How not to do a Term of Service change…lesson from the Facebook playbook

CamClickr: Some Techy Feely Citizen Science

Leave it to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to come up with another cool way to engage us in their research. I have always enjoyed their backyard bird studies that allow folks from all over the world to gather data from their own world and share it with the scientists at Cornell. Now, they have CamClickr (missing a vowel, of course,so it must be cool!) which is done entirely online. This is a game-like environment that helps analyze their catalog of nest cameras. From the site: Now we are enhancing this learning experience by introducing, CamClickr, a year-round citizen science… Read More »CamClickr: Some Techy Feely Citizen Science

Mars Phoenix: A great way to use social technology for information

I have totally been wowed by NASA’s use of social media to explain, explore, enthuse and otherwise entertain us with their mission to Mars via the Phoenix robot lander. I followed the little guy in Twitter (over 38K followers!) which was great fun as we got information about the mission and what was being discovered. He also was a guest blogger on Gizmodo, which some folks might have dismissed as a Wall-E kinda thing but I thought it was very clever and probably did a lot for science education. I mean, why not use the communication tools of today to… Read More »Mars Phoenix: A great way to use social technology for information