CamClickr: Some Techy Feely Citizen Science

ScoutingLeave it to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to come up with another cool way to engage us in their research. I have always enjoyed their backyard bird studies that allow folks from all over the world to gather data from their own world and share it with the scientists at Cornell.

Now, they have CamClickr (missing a vowel, of course,so it must be cool!) which is done entirely online. This is a game-like environment that helps analyze their catalog of nest cameras. From the site:

Now we are enhancing this learning experience by introducing, CamClickr, a year-round citizen science project carried out completely online that allows cam viewers to “tag” and classify breeding behaviors from our archived images. CamClickr will help us answer questions that can only be answered using the cams while providing scientists with a tool to search and sort images once they are tagged. It’s fun, easy, and promises to change the way you think about breeding behavior! Try it for yourself and see if you can become the top CamClickr!

This is clearly engaging, really science and just kinda fun. The sorta thing I wish I had done when I worked in the informal science field.

CamClickr Information page

Image: ‘The Navigator