All about T-F

AJ as SouthparkIf you are wondering? Techy-feely? Huh?

Well, with a psychologist (marriage & family therapist) mother and an electrical engineering father – I have the best of both worlds and consider myself a techy-feely kinda gal. I think that reflects in my approach to life and teaching.

This blog is a result of poking and playing around with blogs, RSS, podcasting and other toys for the past well as the result of the path my life has taken. Where I’ve been….

After a tour of several elementary schools, one junior high and one high school, I took the scenic route through colleges (5, count ’em, 5) and then lasted through two Masters degrees. Whew.

I’ve been a high school science/math teacher, a lifeguard, a wilderness guide, the person who puts those ads inside the newspaper, a paper delivery “boy”, a science museum docent and outreach educator and now I am happily enjoying my life as a instructional technology specialist no, director of educational technology, no, vice-president and CIO at a community college.

The advent of the internet while I was at the science museum allowed me to “grow up” with it in its infancy but I am not sure I am really one of the natives that we have today. We’ll see about that.

But, I do like to use technology. I enjoy geeky toys. And, I like to do other touch-feely stuff as well. Renaissance Gal? Nah! TECHY-FEELY!!!