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Touch Portal for Voiceover

WOWOWOWOWOWOW – It has been WAAAAAAY TOOOOOO LOOOOOONG since I have posted here. So much to catch up my (checks notes) zero readers on about my life. I retired from my “regular” job earlier this year and decided to give a good old college try (see what I did there?) at voiceover. I have been able to find some work in VO mostly in audiobooks but a few other gigs as well. It’s fun and interesting…and also hard to take all of the rejection. But, it also is more technology to explore and see what I can do with it.… Read More »Touch Portal for Voiceover

A year in tunes

Back in October 2020, we were knee (maybe neck) deep in the global pandemic of COVID-19. My mother was not feeling well (not from the virus, but we learned shortly after that it was from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer) and I needed something to hang on to for a few minutes each day. I recalled my P365 experience that I started on a birthday back in 2006 and wanted something similar. My brother calls those songs that run through your head randomly (that does happen to you too, right?) his “subconcious jukebox” or ScJB. I love that term. It fits.… Read More »A year in tunes

filed away

I just discovered this poet – John Roedel – via a casual Facebook acquaintance. And, I can’t stop re-reading this poem so i wanted to put it here for safe keeping… my brain and heart divorced a decade ago over who was to blame about how big of a mess I have become eventually, they couldn’t be in the same room with each other now my head and heart share custody of me I stay with my brain during the week and my heart gets me on weekends they never speak to one another – instead, they give me the… Read More »filed away

Inauguration 2021

The sun came out today after a week or more of gray skies with little snow spitting or drizzly, cold rain. It also came out on our nation as we inaugurated the first woman as vice-president and a person who has a heart and soul as president. They aren’t perfect but they will lead and they will listen. It is a refreshing change. There was a poet who read at the ceremony. I was blown away by her work and then was happy to discover the clipping tool at C-SPAN so now I have the video to keep around. Yay!

Not the 2020 I imagined

My last post was written right after I returned from Japan. It was a Level 2 country and the USA seemed to be avoiding the coronavirus at the time. Well, that was a different 2020. Since then, we have had fire tornados, inland hurricanes, a national reckoning with some deep and long lasting wrongs, and way too many deaths from a virus that could be avoided by following some simple actions. Said virus completely upended my workplace and we have spent the summer preparing for how to approach a new school year with the virus still active. It’s been a… Read More »Not the 2020 I imagined

Looking at us now in 2020 – a new vision

I started this year with resolutions towards improving my inner peace. I took a short retreat in January around Feldenkreis and mindfulness to kick off this work. I’m glad I did because who knew what was lying ahead in the coming months. We managed to get a trip to Japan in just before (and while) the world was starting to shut down due to the coronavirus disease that originated in Wuhan, China. As my brother told me, we experienced a “unique Tokyo” with plenty of room on the train and sidewalks for the three days we were there. And, mostly… Read More »Looking at us now in 2020 – a new vision

Back on the photo train

I went on my honeymoon earlier this month. We spent 10 days in the Netherlands – starting and ending in Amsterdam with a 5 day bicycle tour through Haarlem to the North Sea to Leiden, Bodegraven, and Utrecht. It was a good group for our Beercycling time and we had a lot of fun. Even though it was in the upper 40s with rain, wind and hail much of the time and we both ended up with colds. In fact, we joked that we probably need t-shirts that say “We survived our honeymoon”. Even though I was on the bike… Read More »Back on the photo train

Sometimes the data collection is more fun than creepy…

I know that data is being collected about me and my actions online ALL. THE. TIME. But, sometimes that data collection can be entertaining rather than creepy. I guess if you know it is happening, that makes the difference. The annual Spotify “Your Top Songs” playlist is one example of that fun>creepy times.  

Everything Old is New Again…

When I was growing up, I remember hearing my parents, or other adults, say something about a fashion or design trend coming back “into stye.” Fashion does have its own cycle. According to my research, there are five stages to the fashion cycle: introduction; rise; culmination; decline; obsolescence. In some ways, this reminds me of the technology adoption curve with its early adopters and laggards. And both industries have planned obsolescence to some extent but there will always be the classics in fashion like white button down shirts. Technology doesn’t lend itself to a classic because the constant innovation and… Read More »Everything Old is New Again…

When you are a ukulele…

I was asked to speak at the church I am currently attending as part of their “stewardship minute” series, which is a regularly scheduled time for someone from the congregation to make a short talk about why they attend and why they give to the church. I had been asked before but it was never a good time. But, this time around — the timing worked. This is what I said. (I used a prop – a travel ukulele – which is about 14 inches long and about 6 inches wide) **************** This is a travel ukulele. Apparently, you need… Read More »When you are a ukulele…