A Techy-Feely Approach to Photography?

First Impressionism on Flickr – Photo Sharing! I just LOVE this idea. I’ll have to try to recreate some of my favorite paintings as photos. Hmm…now that Munch’s The Scream was recovered, that might be a good one to start with.

International Networks Archive \\ Remapping Our World

I love is one of my favorite Firefox extensions. I usually hit it a few times a weekend just to see what comes up. Today, the International Networks Archive, a project driven by the Princeton University Sociology Department, was on my screen from my click on the StumbleUpon toolbar. I took a dive into it. Fascinating stuff to this little budding info architect. From their About page: Globalization involves a variety of links expanding and tightening a web of political, economic and cultural inter-connections (Mittelman 1997, Hirst and Thompson, 1996). Most attention has been devoted to merchandise trade as… Read More »International Networks Archive \\ Remapping Our World

Oh Yeah – it’s here

It’s finally here! The 1963 MGB sits in the garage and gets taken out for daily romps. If only it would quit raining every afternoon!!!! I’m looking forward to learning more about car mechanics (I’ll have to in order to keep it running!) but from the feely side of things – its a blast to drive and a joy to stare at with the cool lines and details. Whee…I’m giddy like Christmas Day.

Killer App for Education (and life?)

As Darren Kuropatwa of the Rip,Mix, Burn blog said a few months ago…RSS is the killer app for educators. I have been working with instructional technologies of all kinds for about 20 years now and I got excited about a few things ( I was pretty wrong about laserdisks). But RSS has got me really pumped up. It is a cool thing that can do so much and has so much potential. I am going to commit myself to finding good way to integrate RSS into as much as possible for myself personally as well as with the courses that… Read More »Killer App for Education (and life?)

Edward Tufte – A Techy-Feely Practitioner

While I didn’t hear this story live, I was glad to find it on the site. I went to Tufte’s workshop last year and was thrilled all day with the experience. Talk about techy-feely!! From the NPR story: They all demonstrate one concept: good design is timeless, while bad design can be a matter of life and death. It’s true. His books are beautiful and his thinking is pretty much online with mine. I think I can abide a bit more eye candy than he will. And, I really don’t work with information that is life and death but I… Read More »Edward Tufte – A Techy-Feely Practitioner

Convergence of the Web Applications

While I have argued before with folks about how I don’t want all of my life to be merged (or converged or mind-melded) into one device (read, cellphone), it does appear that this is the case for all of the new, emerging apps and services that are in the Web 2.0 camp. Just today, I have learned that the Wikispaces site now allows for WAY EASY integration of media from such sources as YouTube, Odeo and MySpace. I was so happy when I figured out how to upload and link to an mp3 in the wiki and now, I can… Read More »Convergence of the Web Applications