A Whole New Mind – book and attitude

Being fresh from a nice vacation, I do feel as if I have a whole new mind! I also spent my airplane time reading Daniel Pink‘s book A Whole New Mind. It was a great read and I’m not usually into reading business and strategy books.

The main thesis really lends itself to my whole techy-feely approach to life. He presents six skills or aptitudes that he thinks will be the most useful and highly desired in the future as the business world adapts to major change agents such as automation and outsourcing to Asia. Being able to use empathy, seeing the big picture and a sense of play are all going to be a big part of being successful in the near future, according to Pink.

It has a good deal of right brain-left brain kind of exposition, which I liked. I also really agree with his six skills and enjoyed looking over his resources and “exercises” to help develop them even more. After more brain marination, I will post about each of the six in more detail.