How not to do a Term of Service change…lesson from the Facebook playbook

So, Facebook made some changes to their Terms of Service (TOS) and it caused a major uproar in the blogosphere, on the Twitterosphere (is that a word? Twitterspace? Twitterverse – I think that is what I have seen before.

Anyhoo – at first, I was like, all, Wha? They can just use my stuff? But, then I realized that I just put up exactly that….stuff. Silly photos, comments, and the occasional link or trivia game. Nothing that would awful to lose.

But, I will caution folks who use Facebook for marketing (and I have a talk on that this week to a PR group – time to edit my remarks!). And, I will think twice about what I am putting up there – as we all should.

I thought the comment from Adam Ostrow on Mashable was spot on – it probably won’t change the way we do stuff. But, we do need to remember that nothing on the internet is ever “totally gone”…nothing.

So, if you plan to run for President. Be careful and use an alias on Facebook!

Facebook Responds to Concerns Over Terms of Service

Chances are Facebook won’t abuse the privileges they are granted under their TOS. The backlash over doing something insane like using member photos without permission would be enormous and Facebook is smart enough not to do it. But as a user, it’s another reminder that what you do on the Internet is probably permanent, and much of it, probably outside your control.