Where are you on the social media/content creation ladder?

I am working on a presentation for a class on emerging technology in business. My topic is curation – which is something I hold near and dear to my heart with my museum background and that little old library science degree I have on the wall. In digging into curation on the web, I found Forrester’s Social Technographics Profile and thought it was quite interesting as a way to organize how we participate on the web. The levels certainly overlap but I am sure folks fall more into one over another one the majority of the time. I am firmly… Read More »Where are you on the social media/content creation ladder?

Funding via Kickstarter

Kickstarter is really becoming a part of my life as I have helped fund at least four projects there now. They offer such a wide variety of opportunities to help folks with interesting ideas that just need a little financial support. It is limited to projects and not for fundraising for causes or “fund my life” kinds of things. The idea of micro-funding is so great. A little from a lot of folks can go a long way. So far, I have helped: a movie director create a film in Brainerd, Minnesota a new social networking platform a bakery/blogging business… Read More »Funding via Kickstarter


I totally love this idea. Connecting people via social networking AND spreading lovely holiday lights all over the place in sync.  Fantastic. Visit CheerLights for the details. And, if you don’t have a strand of the CheerLights (like me), then get the Android App! (I will soon) Maybe I need to learn how to build one of the actual strands…..

100 things to watch in 2011

I have always been a fan of the Beloit College Mindset published each year right before the start of the fall semester. It lists the experiences that are “molding” the incoming freshman class. This set of predictions from JWT Intelligence is much more widespread covering fashion, art, food, travel, business, technology and more. It was fascinating. Some of the predictions were right up the T-F mindset like: 33 – alternative social networking sites to Facebook. Like Diaspora, which I helped fund in its Kickstarter campaign. 59 – the Life in A Day user generated documentary. I participated in that as… Read More »100 things to watch in 2011

Street with a View

How could I NOT love this project? Combining Google Street View creation with a large performance art exhibit so that you have “easter eggs” all over Google Street View for this particular part of Pittsburgh. Brilliant! Completely T-F!!

Science Videos – appealing to all sides of the brain?

You may or may not be able to tell that I am a science nerd. I used to teach high school chemistry, physics and math, so it seems only natural. Even though my career path has taken me away from science education, I still really do love it. So, when I saw this video called “Chemical Party”, I just thought it was a brilliant mix of the joy of teaching science along with solid educational concepts within the content. Enjoy. It reminds me of the other science related media that I have loved like: The Element Song by Tom Leher… Read More »Science Videos – appealing to all sides of the brain?

Decentralizing the Web

The more irritated I get with Facebook and other sites who keep changing their privacy policies and yanking around my information without me fully understanding what they are doing or when they are going to start doing that, these four guys and their project makes perfect sense to me. So, I helped fund it!

Year End/ Decade End Listings and such…

I am a big fan (sucker?) for the end of the year summaries that abound at this time of year. And, I love lists. So, here is a list of lists…. Presenting my faves for the end of 2009 and the end of the first decade of the 2000s (naughties? noughties? oughts? aughts? What did we call them?) DJ Earworm – United States of Pop 2009 NPR All Songs Considered Best Music of 2009I always find new music via NPR’s All Songs Considered Lifehacker’s Most Popular Hive Five Topics of 2009Crowdsourcing has grown in popularity, easy and usefulness. And why… Read More »Year End/ Decade End Listings and such…