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Giving the “Posted Today” plugin from Alan Levine (aka Cogdog) a try.

This should show what (if anything) was written on this blog on this date in the past. My prolific blogging screeched to a halt around 2013 so I am sure my mileage will vary. But, just like my P365 page, it is fun to go back in the past and see what was on your mind at that time.

There are 2 posts found on this site published on February 16

  • February 16, 2007
    • links for 2007-02-17 D2L-Tips (tags: d2l) Beth’s Blog: Shoulder-to-Shoulder Instructional Media Great blog post about tagging and about creating instructional media in a realistic timeframe. Love the sharpie tagging photo example (tags: learning screencast education howto video)
    • P365 – 021607 The termite damage has been repaired. Well, mostly. To quote the museum carpenter, “all we lack is the finishing” At least the gaping hole in the baseboard is gone. And, who doesn’t love to work with a ball peen hammer??