POW: PIcture of the Week 11

Yaz Tickets
Wheeee….Row AA!!!

Thanks to the Mouse Journal, I didn’t have to keep up with the set list but just danced my toes off instead.

Here’s the set list:

1. Nobody’s Diary
2. Bad Connection
3. Mr. Blue
4. Good Times
5. Tuesday
6. Ode to Boy
7. Goodbye Seventies
8. Too Pieces
9. In My Room
10. Anyone
11. Walk Away From Love
12. I Before E Except After C
13. Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)
14. Sweet Thing
15. Winter Kills
16. Midnight
17. Unmarked
18. State Farm
19. Don’t Go

The encore:

1. Only You
2. Situation

Thanks Mouse Journal