POW: PIcture of the Week and such….

With a whirlwind o’ travels over the past two weeks, I am (yet again) woefully behind on my POW postings.

Funny, I met someone at the conference last week who I follow on Flickr because I recognized her from her pictures. She also follows me and we had a nice face to face conversation. One of the things we talked about was our Project 365. She had to let hers go for a long while and is trying to decide whether to just start over or try to get back into it “already in progress”. I was telling her how much trouble I am having just keeping up with one picture a week instead of the daily photo..in some ways, it seems much harder than the P365 postings did. Hmm..

Anyway – get ready for a few photos coming in fast and furious as I go hit Flickr in a minute!