POW: Picture of the Week 19

The way to camp without a stove is to get a spot designed for an RV. Then, there is a plug and it is easy to make coffee before everybody else is up and you don’t have to start a stove or mess with the fire before you are really ready to mess with a fire. Great day!

POW: Picture of the Week 13

So, I was walking in Memphis..walking with my feet 10 feet off of Beale. Walking in Memphis. Do you really feel the way I feel. Anyway – at a conference and got to spend a few minutes wandering downtown at the Beale Street area. Found the Flying Saucer, which was also big fun. But, this caught my eye so I had to photograph it: Words to live by at Beale Street (in Memphis, TN)

POW: PIcture of the Week 12

This week was the 20th anniversary of a campout that was started as a wedding anniversary present from one of my camp buddies to his wife, who is also a camp buddy. It is a treat, blessing and honor that this group of friends (odd that we are) still get together every year and camp out. Since it was the 20th anniversary, we decided last year to go somewhere a bit different so out to the Rockies we went. As we drove up to over 10,000 feet, it started raining. Bad news for camping..but, then as we got out of… Read More »POW: PIcture of the Week 12

POW: PIcture of the Week 11

Yaz Tickets Wheeee….Row AA!!! Thanks to the Mouse Journal, I didn’t have to keep up with the set list but just danced my toes off instead. Here’s the set list: 1. Nobody’s Diary 2. Bad Connection 3. Mr. Blue 4. Good Times 5. Tuesday 6. Ode to Boy 7. Goodbye Seventies 8. Too Pieces 9. In My Room 10. Anyone 11. Walk Away From Love 12. I Before E Except After C 13. Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I) 14. Sweet Thing 15. Winter Kills 16. Midnight 17. Unmarked 18. State Farm 19. Don’t Go The encore: 1. Only You… Read More »POW: PIcture of the Week 11

POW: PIcture of the Week and such….

With a whirlwind o’ travels over the past two weeks, I am (yet again) woefully behind on my POW postings. Funny, I met someone at the conference last week who I follow on Flickr because I recognized her from her pictures. She also follows me and we had a nice face to face conversation. One of the things we talked about was our Project 365. She had to let hers go for a long while and is trying to decide whether to just start over or try to get back into it “already in progress”. I was telling her how… Read More »POW: PIcture of the Week and such….

POW: Picture of the Week 9

My friend got a new scooter! It is red! Really red!! It is big! It might look like a motorcycle but it is a scooter. So cool! I tried on her helmet but that is as far as it went.

POW: Picture of the Week 8

Oh my, I’m delayed again. I think the daily project was a much stronger motivator for this but anyhoo – here is my photo for last week. Went to pick up my new work lappy from my friend who was traveling to town for her son’s tennis tournament. I managed to squeeze off a shot during the second set.

POW: Picture of the Week 7

Oh, I so wanted the video to turn out but 30 seconds of black just didn’t quite cut it. We went out to the GSMNP and into the Elkmont area to witness first hand the nature spectacular that is the synchronized firefly display that happens for about 3 weeks this time of year. We wandered around the area as she told us stories of the Elkmont community and how all of these little cabins came to be sadly ruining from neglect. Then, up the trail and sit down facing the “stage” of a hillside. After it got dark, we started… Read More »POW: Picture of the Week 7