POW: Picture of the Week 7

Oh, I so wanted the video to turn out but 30 seconds of black just didn’t quite cut it. We went out to the GSMNP and into the Elkmont area to witness first hand the nature spectacular that is the synchronized firefly display that happens for about 3 weeks this time of year.

We wandered around the area as she told us stories of the Elkmont community and how all of these little cabins came to be sadly ruining from neglect. Then, up the trail and sit down facing the “stage” of a hillside. After it got dark, we started to see a few flickers of light here and there. Then, more. Then, more.

Then, slowly but surely – they started joining up. On – blink, blink, blink, blink – and then, darkness. About 5 seconds later – another set of blinking. It was so fascinating. The group of 20 in the class quit chattering, we quit eating our snacks or messing with our packs.

We just sat.

And marveled.

At least, I did.

It ranked up there with some of the other highlights of my life in nature like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time and poking my head up through a big rock slide that we creekwalked through to see a huge waterfall right before me up in Pisgah National Forest.

Words really don’t do it. Photos really don’t do it. My little video camera didn’t do it at all – too dark but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be able to capture it either. You just have to be there.

I have heard about it for years but never gone. So glad I did. It is worth it. Go!!!

(SIDENOTE: A local TV station has some video but, as I suspected, it doesn’t quite show up like it does in person)


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  1. Just heard about this at dinner Sat. night, wish we lived closer to K’ville to see it. What about the glow worm spectacular, heard that was almost as good?

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