Creative Commons For the Win!!!

One of my CC licensed photos in Flickr was used in local blog posting. Feels mighty good to see all that good old social media mojo working. Knoxify – The insider’s take on what makes Knoxville great

You can have the Earth in YOUR hand

This is just darn cool technology and a great message to boot. As I continue to look over the impressive technology and social media used for Earth Hour 2009, I found this part of the site. Print out a little graphic, point it to your webcam and BAM – you have the world in your hand. I am intrigued to know how it works but also rather happy with just going with the whole “it’s magic” thing!

CamClickr: Some Techy Feely Citizen Science

Leave it to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to come up with another cool way to engage us in their research. I have always enjoyed their backyard bird studies that allow folks from all over the world to gather data from their own world and share it with the scientists at Cornell. Now, they have CamClickr (missing a vowel, of course,so it must be cool!) which is done entirely online. This is a game-like environment that helps analyze their catalog of nest cameras. From the site: Now we are enhancing this learning experience by introducing, CamClickr, a year-round citizen science… Read More »CamClickr: Some Techy Feely Citizen Science

Music Television – ah, the videos are back

This is pretty exciting stuff. MTV has finally gotten back to videos. Okay..not on broadcast but via the web. Oh boy, Oh boy…the videos that I used to stay up all night to watch (my brother and I had to find out if MTV was truly on 24 hours a day as they claimed. They were!) Searching very quickly, I see the site will be a big time suck and I am looking forward to that. But, the video I remember the most is the one below. We used to recreate it all the time – I liked the graduation… Read More »Music Television – ah, the videos are back

Goodbye to my Voice

Oh man, I was sad to learn that Levi Stubbs died on Friday night. Of course, I loved me some Four Tops (well, all things Motown – pretty much).  But, I had a special love for Levi because he also voiced my namesake in Little Shop of Horrors. Good bye Levi – I am glad we have the gift of your voice forever.