Street with a View

How could I NOT love this project? Combining Google Street View creation with a large performance art exhibit so that you have “easter eggs” all over Google Street View for this particular part of Pittsburgh. Brilliant! Completely T-F!!

Science Videos – appealing to all sides of the brain?

You may or may not be able to tell that I am a science nerd. I used to teach high school chemistry, physics and math, so it seems only natural. Even though my career path has taken me away from science education, I still really do love it. So, when I saw this video called “Chemical Party”, I just thought it was a brilliant mix of the joy of teaching science along with solid educational concepts within the content. Enjoy. It reminds me of the other science related media that I have loved like: The Element Song by Tom Leher… Read More »Science Videos – appealing to all sides of the brain?

Year End/ Decade End Listings and such…

I am a big fan (sucker?) for the end of the year summaries that abound at this time of year. And, I love lists. So, here is a list of lists…. Presenting my faves for the end of 2009 and the end of the first decade of the 2000s (naughties? noughties? oughts? aughts? What did we call them?) DJ Earworm – United States of Pop 2009 NPR All Songs Considered Best Music of 2009I always find new music via NPR’s All Songs Considered Lifehacker’s Most Popular Hive Five Topics of 2009Crowdsourcing has grown in popularity, easy and usefulness. And why… Read More »Year End/ Decade End Listings and such…

NPR crowdsourcing the choice

I am curious to see how it turns out as National Public Radio launches their year long exploration next year of the 50 greatest voices in recorded history. Their voting site is really slick as you pick your top five, give your reasons why and join in the fun. Crowdsourcing..its the way of the future. 50 Great Voices: Help Us Choose : NPR And, on the day that I did my voting, here is the way the cookie crumbled:

Worldwide Photowalk – 30,000 folks taking pictures all over the place

Just back from the downtown event that was part of the Worldwide Photowalk. Over 900 cities hosted their own event where photo-oriented folks gathered together to walk around and take pictures of what they saw. Reminded me of my Project365 days. So, about 25 of so of us tromped around the Old City, downtown, Market Square (home of a very popular and vibrant Famers’ Market) and other places such as that capturing images of what makes our local area unique. Just knowing folks around the world are doing the same feels really cool.  Once again, through the power of social… Read More »Worldwide Photowalk – 30,000 folks taking pictures all over the place

Wordle – Beautiful way to share tags

A colleague reminded me of Wordle. I truly find it beautiful. Both in the elegance that the Java app works (cannot say that about all java apps!) and in the actual creation of the tool. So, without further ado, here is my Wordle based on current tags in my delicious account!

A Magic Number – Schoolhouse Rock

I was at an ed tech conference this past week. At lunch, they had “edutainment” speakers, which is a great idea since everybody is usually eating and so on so a “serious” speaker is often not the best idea. The speakers were the producers and original composers of Schoolhouse Rock. When they took the stage, I was happy. When, they started singing some of the old tunes, well, I suddenly was shot back to Saturday morning sitting in my pajamas, eating Capt’n Crunch and watching some Sid and Marty Krofft show (probably Land of the Lost) as well as learning… Read More »A Magic Number – Schoolhouse Rock