A Magic Number – Schoolhouse Rock

I was at an ed tech conference this past week. At lunch, they had “edutainment” speakers, which is a great idea since everybody is usually eating and so on so a “serious” speaker is often not the best idea.

The speakers were the producers and original composers of Schoolhouse Rock. When they took the stage, I was happy. When, they started singing some of the old tunes, well, I suddenly was shot back to Saturday morning sitting in my pajamas, eating Capt’n Crunch and watching some Sid and Marty Krofft show (probably Land of the Lost) as well as learning about multiplication tables, the parts of speech and how the government works.

I mean, I can totally still recite the Preamble to the United State Constitution but only if I can sing it to the Schoolhouse Rock tune!

I then returned to school and started sharing my excitement with other colleagues. They didn’t know the show!! Never heard of Schoolhouse Rock. That struck me as pretty odd but I guess there is just a small segment of the population who was at the “right” age for this to become as ingrained as it is for my and my siblings.

Oh well, I totally loved it. Enjoy the original song from that series.

Schoolhouse Rock – Three is a Magic Number