Keynote from MacWorld…iPhone and Apple TV

Well, of course I had to pay attention to The Steve giving The Keynote in The January in The San Francisco. I mean, really…. But, the announcements left me…not terribly excited. Nothing for me today, really. The Apple TV product sounds interesting but I am not sure I would use it that much. The iPhone, which will certainly get the most press and has been the most speculated item from the Apple camp in years will excite those folks who get into phones. I’m just not one of them. My pay-as-you-go Virgin Mobile works fine for me. I have so… Read More »Keynote from MacWorld…iPhone and Apple TV

Chumby – um, the Audrey kicked up a notch??

So, this Chumby item has appeared on my radar. Fascinating idea. A replacement for the clock radio that uses the wireless internet access they assume I already have..oh wait, I do have HSIA. This smells a little like the Audrey, the kitchen internet appliance that 3Com marketed for a short while back in 2001.. But, more webish…more web 2.0ish…there’s even a chumbysphere with a forum and a wiki already. And a call for crafters! Oh, be still my techy-feely heart. From their site: There’s more to life than just hardware and software! It’s important that chumby looks good, and that… Read More »Chumby – um, the Audrey kicked up a notch??

Flickr Guest Pass – finally a way to share the Flickr joy without the agony of yet another account

Having spent a frustrating afternoon trying to remember various services username/password combos (more on that later!), I decided to work on my Project 365 for the day. Logged into Flickr and saw that they have three new services. Mobile Blogging (eh, not there yet) Camera tagging (ways to find out what cameras are most popular on Flickr..could be interesting) AND…what I really wanted to see… Guest Pass. Great, i can share private photos with selected folks without them having to created Flickr accounts. Perfect!! From the Flickr site: Guest Pass Ever wanted to share private photos with friends and family… Read More »Flickr Guest Pass – finally a way to share the Flickr joy without the agony of yet another account

Music Meme

This little “thread” is traveling through the edublogosphere and it is summer (as D’arcy says) I want to play as well. Plus, it is lists of things. I LOVE that…and I know that is why High Fidelity is one of my favorite movies. So, here goes (for right now – I call rights to change): 1. Music that changed my life Laurie Anderson – Big Science (and seeing her live) SHE IS THE DEFINITON OF TECHY-FEELY IN MY MIND Bette Midler – Live at Last Jim Croce – Time in a Bottle Rickie Lee Jones – all of it but… Read More »Music Meme