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My Auto History

A friend bought a new car this week. Well, new to her. And, my “new” car is about 4 months old now. Made me think about the progression of cars in my life and I thought I would capture it here: First Car: 1969 Plymouth Satellite (with a huge dent in the trunk lid) – we could cram 8 folks in there and make it to the Rocky Horror Picture Show during college. Great fun. This car is the one that taught me the importance of paying attention to the Oil Level warning light. 1980 Plymouth Horizon – with awesome… Read More »My Auto History

My life in Pummelvision

Thanks to Alan Levine aka CogDog (who I get to meet next week at ITC eLearning 2011!), I have fallen for Pummelvision, which takes the last 2000 photos in our Flickr account (or DailyBooth Dropbox Facebook and Tumblr) and makes them into a movie that is then auto-magically (if you give it they keys) to YouTube or Vimeo. Sweet! As they say, your life flashes before your eyes and I see that I have been some places (or at least I only upload photos of places i have been). Give it a shot if you take shots. I might have… Read More »My life in Pummelvision

Star Wars Flowchart

I guess I just have to keep finding fun things in my life right now so another post with something humorous. What Star Wars job would you have (I turned out to be an Ewok Chief) Star Wars Flowchart I did drill down to the original source, which is an online school site but I wasn’t thrilled about giving them a linkback so I went with the original site I saw.

Street with a View

How could I NOT love this project? Combining Google Street View creation with a large performance art exhibit so that you have “easter eggs” all over Google Street View for this particular part of Pittsburgh. Brilliant! Completely T-F!!

Year End/ Decade End Listings and such…

I am a big fan (sucker?) for the end of the year summaries that abound at this time of year. And, I love lists. So, here is a list of lists…. Presenting my faves for the end of 2009 and the end of the first decade of the 2000s (naughties? noughties? oughts? aughts? What did we call them?) DJ Earworm – United States of Pop 2009 NPR All Songs Considered Best Music of 2009I always find new music via NPR’s All Songs Considered Lifehacker’s Most Popular Hive Five Topics of 2009Crowdsourcing has grown in popularity, easy and usefulness. And why… Read More »Year End/ Decade End Listings and such…

Flowcharts for life choices

I love flowcharts! I always have loved them. I think that is why when I first saw a song chart, it just grabbed my attention like no other infographic had in a while! I just found these flowcharts from Eating the Road blog. They just might help with those life decisions like what cereal to eat or what fast food to choose or what is the truth? What other flowcharts are out there?