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Six Word Techy-Feely Statement: What is your little story/slam about technology and you?

It started, I think, with the Six-word biography from SMITH magazine. That is now a book (Six-Word Memoirs at SMITH Magazine) Then, I saw that Title 9 (one of my favorite “dream about owning the clothes” catalogs) had a Six Word slam for your fitness statement. 6-Word Slam | Timeout with T9 So, I figured that, hey, three (or more) can play at this game. What is your six-word take on how you use/like/destroy/dislike/or/whatever technology? Here’s mine: Testing, tweaking, trying, cool, it works

Chumby – Hitting the Big Time

Okay..I first wrote about the Chumby back in December 2006…see the My Chumby page link up to the right. That’s the one. I built my virtual Chumby and it is still on that page. Today, I found that David Pogue covered the Chumby in his video podcast for the New York Times/MSNBC a couple of weeks ago as well as others at the NYT. So…that means….Yay!!! They are available now. Yay!!! In the immortal words of ICHC: more cat pictures

Vuvox Collage – my first go

Got into the private beta for the new collage tool from Vuvox. Pretty cool stuff. I used some photos from my 8 hour layover at the Nagoya airport on my last trip to Japan. See what you think. This is a tool to follow and explore much more! NOTE: (6/4/08) – Removed the embed since it was autoplaying the music and now the Vuvox editor is all askew in my monitor so I cannot get to the properties to turn it down or off. So, you can watch the collage here:

Google Doodles – go vote for your favorite

Doodle 4 Google is a competition for K-12 students to re-imagine the Google logo. Now, we could go down that “oh no, not brand identification at such a young age” road..but, let’s face it. “I’ll Google it” is a common sentence now and Google is both noun and verb (and probably adverb, adjective, participle and preposition at this point). So, it is what it is. Go vote. There are some nice ones!

Google Does it again: Happy April Fool’s Day

I remember pulling a few good pranks, back in the day. Remember the empty refrigerator, Reader One? But, now, I mostly sit back and admire what the good folks at Google pull off every year. Lots of fun. This year: Virgle – a project between Virgin and Google to go to Mars. I took their quiz and here are my results: Well, you’re distressingly normal and could conceivably adjust to life as a deep space pioneer, though we recommend instead that you leave the Mars missions to the serious whack jobs who scored over 130 and instead finish year 3… Read More »Google Does it again: Happy April Fool’s Day

yet another fun site –

Oh boy…this is as much fun (or more because of the variety) as the ElfYourself site at the holidays. When I saw this “scenario” as they call them, I was in like Flynn. Here is my first creation! Since you can rotate, zoom, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation – you can make it look pretty good!