My Auto History

A friend bought a new car this week. Well, new to her. And, my “new” car is about 4 months old now. Made me think about the progression of cars in my life and I thought I would capture it here:

First Car: 1969 Plymouth Satellite (with a huge dent in the trunk lid) – we could cram 8 folks in there and make it to the Rocky Horror Picture Show during college. Great fun. This car is the one that taught me the importance of paying attention to the Oil Level warning light.
1969 Plymouth Satellite Pop Prints

1980 Plymouth Horizon – with awesome louvers on hatchback. Thanks to hail damage during a tornado in South Carolina, I paid college tuition that year with this car

Volkswagon Dasher Wagon – loved it! I could fit my entire life into that station wagon. Looked a lot like this one:
Image: ‘Volkswagon Dasher

1984 Volkswagon Rabbit – equally loved it. Sunroof that cranked open

1990 Geo Prizm – I liked the scientific name

Acura Legend – bought from my parents. Fun car to drive

1998 Honda Civic – the purple juicebox

2010 Honda Insight – my current car which is a techy-feely dream.
Image: ‘Gone ~ Econ