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NPR crowdsourcing the choice

I am curious to see how it turns out as National Public Radio launches their year long exploration next year of the 50 greatest voices in recorded history. Their voting site is really slick as you pick your top five, give your reasons why and join in the fun. Crowdsourcing..its the way of the future. 50 Great Voices: Help Us Choose : NPR And, on the day that I did my voting, here is the way the cookie crumbled:

Worldwide Photowalk – 30,000 folks taking pictures all over the place

Just back from the downtown event that was part of the Worldwide Photowalk. Over 900 cities hosted their own event where photo-oriented folks gathered together to walk around and take pictures of what they saw. Reminded me of my Project365 days. So, about 25 of so of us tromped around the Old City, downtown, Market Square (home of a very popular and vibrant Famers’ Market) and other places such as that capturing images of what makes our local area unique. Just knowing folks around the world are doing the same feels really cool.  Once again, through the power of social… Read More »Worldwide Photowalk – 30,000 folks taking pictures all over the place

A fifth of the new words included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary are technology related

Looking over the 100 new works that have been added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary this week, I found it interesting that about 20 or so are related to some kind of technology. So, you can now peruse the dictionary and find the official definitions of such words are (with my short definitions after): Vlog: a video based blog (you could also call it a vodcast, I bet) Webisode: An episode of a television series (or other video series, I suppose) that is viewed online And, my favorite for this year: flash mob: when a group of folks organize, usually… Read More »A fifth of the new words included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary are technology related

Creative Commons For the Win!!!

One of my CC licensed photos in Flickr was used in local blog posting. Feels mighty good to see all that good old social media mojo working. Knoxify – The insider’s take on what makes Knoxville great

Keep Calm and Carry On…

What a great story! A poster from 1939 created by a British civil worker charged with creating propaganda to comfort the most certainly stressed UK as they faced the Nazis. There were three and this particular phrase was the one seen because it was designed for the even of a Nazi invasion. The poster was found again in the bottom of a box by a bookstore owner. He put it up and it is taking the world by storm. You can get shirts, hoodies, posters, screensavers and so on. And, in the spirit of creativity – there are spoofs and… Read More »Keep Calm and Carry On…

Who I follow on Twitter

Yes, it took me a year to figure out the use of Twitter but I use it almost everyday for work and personal learning, news, entertainment, and more.  Kinda cool to see everybody all together. Get your twitter mosaic here.

Interesting Personality Test: What Sex is your Brain?

Do you think like a man or a woman? Turns out I think like a woman:attention to subtle changes in details and a good visual memory but not so good with how things rotate in 3D space (shudder- some of the questions brought back memories of the aptitude tests from high school!) BBC – Science & Nature – What Sex Is Your Brain?