Ego-Blogging – is that what I am doing over here?

MarianaInteresting that I stumbled upon (but not via StumbleUpon strangely enough) this post today since I have been thinking about my little ole’ T-F corner of the blogosphere (can a sphere actually have a corner? I digress…)

With the end of the P365 project last month, my posting volume has certainly declined. I am still blogging at my two school blogs but not here as much. Hmmmmm. And, then one of my three readers told me that she missed the photos but was still reading the blog. That got me mulling over the purpose of this blog. Why have it?

I started it for a few reasons:

  • To grab a domain name for email that was not tied to any service
  • To learn how to set up and maintain WordPress
  • To get into blogging at some level for my own personal education and creative outlet

The P365 got me into the habit of blogging with (mostly daily) frequency, which was another of the goals of that project beyond the photos.

Now, I guess I need to take some time to find the focus of this blog or decide if it really needs a focus. I’m not trying to make money, I have no dream to be a full-time blogger (but I admire some who are and more who are not). I consider T-F a place to share thoughts, capture some odd ideas or things I find out on the interweb and a way for folks who know me to stay connected. Those all seem like great reasons. But, are they too selfish? Nah!

At first, when I saw this term “ego-blogging” from Michele Martin.. it got to me a bit because I was afraid that if I started getting too much into naval-gazing, it would become an ego-blog. Do. Not. Want.

But, according to Michele, “ego-blogging is when I write a post primarily because I’m hoping that it will get me noticed and that others will link to me.”

I don’t think that is what I am doing here at T-F. I guess that is a good thing. I’m sure I will continue to think about this blog its purpose in my life but I will also continue to just put stuff up here because it interests me and (hopefully) my three readers as well!

Thanks for listening!

The Bamboo Project Blog: Ego-Blogging

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