P365 Page

Taking a picture a dayAs I begin my 45th year on October 24, I wanted to find a personal project to do as a challenge, an experience and a way to consider my year.

So, when I read about the Project 365 on the Photojojo blog, it jut seemed like it was meant to be. This page will be my “homebase” for my own Project 365 and I’ll post the photos in a Flickr set (and archive them on my Google/Picasa pages), I’m not sure yet. I’ll try to put each picture up here at T-F as well but it will be nice to have a central location for the year in review. I’m excited about it.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I have my Flickr account set up with a set for the project and my Flickr Uploadr installed on the trusty iMac.

I have the photo badge working now in my side bar. Down there….You know, down there….below my links…..

I noticed that the embedded slideshow from Flickr no longer works. Not sure why but figured I’d just add a link to the slideshow for the set here:

SLIDESHOW (opens new window)