P365 – Random thoughts one month in

Okay..it’s been one month since I started my Project 365. I thought it was time to look at the process and share some of my (VERY) random thoughts on the process.

First, some facts. I have:

  • taken 261 images on the SD card
  • made 2 backups of the images and one backup of my SQL database
  • used 12 AA batteries (time to invest in rechargeables)
  • almost forgotten to get a photo in 1 time
  • used a guest photographer 1 time (I was there for the photo – so by my rules, it counted)
  • tried to post in several different manners (see below)
  • not yet settled on the best way to do this project.

The approaches I have taken so far

  • Used my Flock browser for everything – uploading images to Flickr, blog from Flock
  • Used Firefox for everything – uploading images using Flickr Uploadr, blog using Performancing for Firefox or just the WP interface
  • Used Firefox to log into Flickr and go from there – upload and blog from Flickr
  • Posted images via email to Flickr and my blog
  • Tried to install a WordPress plugin that gives me a Flickr bar like Flock but inside the WP interface. That never did work for me so I abandoned it.

All of these approaches have pros and cons. The biggest con for all of them other than using Performancing (PFF) or the WP interface is that I have to go change the category tag of the posting from my default (currently “Links”). So, I have to go into the system anyway. I could change the default to P365 but I have my postings from del.icio.us coming so those should be the default, in my mind. Hmmmmm….. I wish I had a way to filter each of these postings to their own category automagically.

The con of Flock blogging, PFF and WP is that I have to tweak code to get the image to float left or right if I want that look, which I do. The blogging from Flickr does what I want already but I have that category thing. Posting from email to Flicker/blog is the most efficient if I could figure out the linebreaks but I have to go and fix




I have also tried posting everyday as well as saving up a few to post in a burst. Both of these approaches take longer than I think it should. And, I tend to forget what number I am on and what date it was so I have to keep going back and forth between Flickr and WP. I am going to change from my P365.x numbering system to the date. That will make it easier for me, I believe.
I am enjoying it, though!