Eyspot is closing its doors to new videos: A sign of the economy as seen through web 2.0?

Last night, my inbox got a note from Eyepot. They are shutting down. It made me think of all of the little Web 2.0 sites (maybe not little but they seem little compared to the Gigantors like Flickr, Delicious and all things Google – Gigoogletor?

I played with Eyespot to see how their video mashup/mixing worked. It was neat. I never went and used their various media offerings to make my own video from Pink or Rachel Sage or other musician, though. I tend to prefer to edit my video offline.

But, with the Dow Jones dropping, banks failing and now Web 2.0 sites closing, it seems a bit dreary out there.

Guess I had better go see if I had any videos in Eyespot and pull them out..just like I had to pull them out of Videoegg earlier. Maybe I had make sure all of my Vimeo media is backed up as well…  off to check.

Photo: “Wall Street subway station” http://www.flickr.com/photos/epicharmus/2046126318/