POW: Picture of the Week 17 (a truly techy-feely birthday)

Last night was my mother’s 65th birthday. We had a great day but the ultimate techy-feely project was her gift. My siblings and our spouses all pulled together to make a “box set” for her with a song from each year of her life.

We used the Billboard Magazine historical listings to peruse each year’s Top 100 to select possible songs and to know what year was “their year”.
Then, a wiki from Wikispaces was used to list the songs and for each person to claim their songs to get.
GetDropbox.com was employed to gather the songs from all over the globe as we are a spread out bunch.
We put our accounts with iTunes and eMusic to good use as well as finding some of the old stuff on YouTube.
A little Photoshop
A little iTunes
A little duct tape

Voila – a personalized box set!!!

Thanks to all who worked on it..it turned out great.

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