Techno Karma?

Nos rayaron la pared!!!This has been a delayed post..I thought of it a while back but haven’t taken the time to write it.

I won an award at my school during our annual employee appreciation/awards day. It was a big surprise and I was tickled as you might imagine.

Then, to cap the day off — a bit of techno-karma as I got in my car to drive home

Imagine my surprise when my radio, which had been broken for several months and I have been too lazy to get replaced, suddenly started working again.

It took a second for me to realize as I was driving..hey, that is NPR!! hey, my radio is working again….hey! Cool!

Quinkydink? I think not!

Hmmmmm…..I guess it was just a great day all around!

Image: ‘Modulatio(n)