Happy Earth Day Everybody

Today is Earth Day! You can tell because Google has a different logo!!

My school is hosting the local Earth Fest this weekend and it should be nice (please, no rain!). But, my Techy-Feely thoughts are turning to some neat sites I have seen that showcase our world via mashups and APIs.

First Up: Flickrvision
This is hypnotic and great fun. Watch the map swing back and forth as folks upload photos to Flickr from all around this globe of ours. Awesome to see the photography and then…just awesome that it includes the entire world!

Next Up: Twittervision and TwittEarth
Same idea just using tweets from Twitter. I am still rather new to Twitter but it has been on fire since last year and lots of folks use the microblogging tool as a replacement for IM as well as a way to just shout out to the world. You can watch those shout outs via both of these sites. I even caught my own tweet on Twittearth!!

I caught my own tweet

Next Up: GoogleMaps
I cannot beat this blogger’s list of 50 things to do with Google Mashups..so I will let him do the heavy lifting for me!  My favorite on this list? Map the 7 Wonders of the World

Now, get out today and enjoy this amazing planet of ours!!!

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  1. I went to map the 7 wonders and it’s all confusing. Maybe I’ve spent too much time out in the woods. Happy ED! we forgot to hang the ED flag!

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