Eating Coast to Coast

Belgian BeautiesSo, as we sat and ate a lazy Sunday breakfast today of whole wheat waffles with maple syrup from Maine and macadamia nuts from Hawaii (oh yes, I was trying to channel the wonderful breakfast from the ride down Haleakala about 9 years ago). Then, I started riffing on how we were eating from coast to coast.

Which is fun.

Then, I thought about the 100 mile diet and how we were going to try to eat more locally.

What a conundrum!!! We have the technology and transportation to bring us treats and delights from around the world but we are also concerned (rightfully) with the conservation of our resources and trying to bring things back to a more fuel and resource efficient manner.

It might be too much to ponder on a lazy, cold, cloudy Sunday but it is something to ponder, indeed.

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1 thought on “Eating Coast to Coast”

  1. well, I’m a global person. I believe I need to personally support the farmers in SA on their coffee and chocolate farms. Once you think about it, there is no stopping it as our clothes are from foreign lands too.

    At least I work close to home!!!

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