Revisting Stonehenge

Stone Dancer Greets The DawnWay back in 1988, I went to England and Ireland. The entire trip was memorable but two of the sites I visited stood out above the rest:

  • The Canterbury Cathedral and
  • Stonehenge

I had the exact same feeling when I was in both places…these were special sites that needed to be kept special. Even though the fence kept us from getting really close to the stones, I still had that feeling just on the Salisbury plain.

I have always been fascinated by Stonehenge, even before that trip and became even more so afterward. I bought a complex paper model of the stone structure and laboriously cut it out with a Xacto knife and put it together. Folks who know me are surely shaking their head in disbelief that I would have spend that kind of time on precision…but I did. That model, being paper, didn’t last terribly long, but I my interest in the prehistory stones has always stayed.

So, I saw that they are doing some new excavation and exploration at the site, thanks to the BBC. I am looking forward to learning about what they will find. Isn’t it great that with today’s blogs, web video and other communcations, we can all follow along rather than wait for the years to go by for the study, analysis and reports/articles to be completed and published.

BBC – History – Stonehenge Dig 2008

Image: ‘Silent Circle II