CSI: Code Search Investigations – Getting your videos out of Videoegg

Just a quick notation about my sleuthing and its eventual success (Yay!)

I got a notification that the Videoegg hosting server (my.videoegg.com) is being decomissioned at the end of May. The note suggested that I go get my content so off I went.

Problem: The download video link did not work – tried it on several computers with every browser I could throw at it but the problem was the link. Frustrating…they tell me to go get my files but then don’t give me any way to get them.

So, I tried adding videoegg.com to my Greasemonkey script but no luck.
Tried right clicking, etc..but the Flash plugin will have none of that.
Then, I dove into the code.

By clicking on the SHARE button and then looking at the HTML code that they offer to copy/paste for embedding the video, I could see that the server name there was download.videoegg.com/gid-blahblahblah. Hmm, I thought to myself…the broken link for downloading also starts with /gid-blahblahblah. What if I get the link and just insert the server name in the front of it.

To quote Victor in Young Frankenstein: It. Could. Work.

And…It. Did. Work.


  • Go to Videoegg and log in
  • Click the Download button and get the error message for file/page not found.
  • Stick in “download.videoegg.com” in front of the url (after the http://) and hit return.
  • File should download.

I have my whopping two videos now!