It’s official – I am an old fogey!

I love hearing music live! I always have. (Although this new iPod Touch has me back in headphones again and I was reminded about HOW MUCH I enjoy music through headphones because you hear all the nuances…but I digress.)

Back to live music…I do enjoy it. The energy from the performers, the stories between songs, all that. But, I have been noticing more and more how bothered I am by those around me during concerts. It could be my own issues of distraction, I am not sure. I have a different T-F theory though. I sense a shift in the mores of the times..we are so used to entertainment in our living rooms that is about as big and loud as it is in live venues. In our homes, we can talk back to the television, dance with abandon with the stereo, answer the phone and yell over the sounds in the kitchen.

However, folks do that same thing at concerts and movies and, to be quite honest, it bugs me! Add that with drinking (well, except at the movie theatre -but I think that popcorn has some kind of additive – I know I find it addictive) and you get me in to old codger stage pretty fast. I admit it…I am bothered by the teenager text messaging all the way through the Spiderman 2 movie, the couple having a conversation during the ballads at Nanci Griffith, the woman yelling into her cell phone during, well, you get the idea…..

But, last night, we found our audience….. at the Anne Murray show. Yes, Anne Murray. We probably brought the average age down to the mid-60s!!

During dinner, we had speculated that the crowd would be quiet, respectful, listening and appreciative. We were right. It was a great show and I was able to listen and enjoy the live music.

All I need now is a cardigan and some warm milk, I know, but it really was a great show!