A big flop – but at least we tried

Oh, the joy of good intentions. I had read about the Crazy Delicious trick of using PHP, CSS and some other HTML magic to create some text that can be highlighted to reveal an image or the other way around. I didn’t put it into my del.icio.us account so I had to do some Google-izing to find it. But, I did.

I had the bright idea that this would be an awesome way to reveal the music behind these song charts that I am so currently in love with. Show a chart. Hightlight. Get the title of the song, musician, the lyric that inspired the chart, etc. Sounds great, eh?

Well, here’s my first attempt. Not quite what I had in mind. In fact, I’m not even sure it will work once I post this. We’ll see. Of to press Publish.

NOPE. Embedding it here did NOT work. I’ll make it a link to a new page (new window/tab)