What Obsolete Skills do you have?

hot pink grownupsI was amused and intrigued by this wiki that has been developing in response to a post by Robert Scoble regarding the techy stuff we used to know how to do but are no longer needed. Things like:

  • Dialing a rotary phone
  • Changing tracks on an eight-track tape
  • Using a slide rule
  • Using the eraser ribbon on a typewriter

So, I have been mulling it a bit to see if I have some of those kinds of “old school” skills. I know my dad does: reading an oscilloscope, building a television set, using a timing gun on your car, splicing together broken cassette and VHS tapes.

My obsolete skill set seems to be much smaller and still, arguably, relevant in many situations:

  • Configuring a printer in Mac OS 7
  • Operating a mimeograph machine (I never did that very well, but I loved the smell)
  • Building a CAT 5 network cable
  • Recalling IP addresses way too easily
  • Duplicating cassette to cassette
  • Changing the oil on a Volkswagon Rabbit

Does this “changing of the guard” make you sad or long for the good old days? I get nostalgic but not really morose over the changes. I mean without constant technology changes, I would be out of my current job. Of course, I still use my turntable so I don’t let go of things too easily! I guess you have to find the happy place for yourself and your techno skills.

I’m sure I will think of more obsolete skills I have. Head over to the wiki and add your own set o’ skills!!

Obsolete Skils: Main/Home Page

Image: ‘AM radio