My, My…I appear to be blog-lazy these days

feet in front of computerI am in the middle of moving my office at work. That coupled with two days of out of town meetings last week means that I have been all but silent on the blogosphere. When I checked in today, I was a bit sad to see the last 5 postings were from my posting “thingy” (their word – not mine..I would use doodad or some other technically savvy term).

That struck me as blog-lazy. So, I deleted that. My plan was to use that feed as a way to make a very easy backup of the sites that I link in And, it is that. But, it also seems to be the only fresh content and I don’t really like that so much.

So, off to find something else for capturing the deliciousness of social bookmarking but without acting like it is the main author of the blog.

Image: ‘I suppose I’d better start then!