Happy T-F Holidays!

It’s been a whirlwind the past few weeks preparing for visits, having visits and anticipating even more visits! Here are a few links of things that have fascinated us or helped with the celebrations!

  • Family Wiki – use a wiki to create “wishlists” and to post info before traveling – we used Wikispaces
  • Elf Yourself or Scrooge Yourself. I’m sure you have already seen these but they are darn fun!!
  • Free Christmas Music – if you celebrate Christmas and have an Eyespot account, you can get a free album of Christmas music from Magnatune. Nice acoustic stuff. From the Eyespot gang:

    Send a last minute Holiday video greeting / slideshow with a soundtrackof Christmas Music from our partners at Magnatune. But wait, it getsbetter. You get to download an entire MP3 album of Holiday Classicsfor Free!

  • Free Mac software – go join the MacHeist gang and get some nice things for free on their Mac Giving Tree – like WireTap Pro and BitClamp. Cool!
  • Pass the time with your Facebook pals – there are all kinds of holiday apps you can add to your account. Twisted Christmas and the Christmas Card one seem to be most popular. What, you don’t have a Facebook account?
  • Spending your moola? Yea, we are too! Join Sharkbait to get a $10 off credit at ThinkGeek. I’m looking forward to converting all of my old cassettes to the digital world with my new USB deck coming soon!

Here’s to you and yours as you celebrate whatever days you hold sacred!!!