Join the “Collective” (for caroling)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I must be a Borg because I find this kind of collective stuff just fascinating, amusing, compelling and downright fun!

My name is on various satellites heading off into various parts of our universe. I’m on an electronic record sealed in a time capsule at my former workplace.

When I heard this story last night on NPR’s All Things Considered….a national caroling party. So, we just have to join in. Go to the page below to hear the song (With this tempo: a quarter note equals 125, and the key is G major)

Record the song in any way you want – singing, guitar, banjo, contra-bass clarinet (wish I had one of those around for this project!). Send it to the address provided and join in the fray, I mean fun!

NPR : Homework: Christmas Caroling Party

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