Lists and Lists: Keeping is not the same as finding

LOGO2.0 part IWhile I share his feelings about stuff and storage, I am not sure I totally agree with his take on the electronic “stuff” we save. I do love my lists…no secret there. I have at least three different notebooks full of lists right now. Plus a list sitting on my desk of things to do…and, we created a grocery list this morning over coffee.

Of course, I also have quite the growing list in my account.

The difference, for me, is that I can usually find what I want in those lists and in my electronic storage. Using tags and decent descriptions makes it easier to locate things later. I guess my inner librarian helped me out there.

Perhaps that is what we all need to keep up with these electronic dumps o’ info….an inner librarian who will take a little time up front to give enought metadata to make the stuff “findable” when that “later” from the “I might need this later” actually comes up. Enough With The Lists

So do we throw it all out? Nope. We store it. The same goes for information on the web. There’s too much of it…and in a lot of cases the stuff is actually pretty good. So we collect it for umm…future consumption (at least that’s what we tell ourselves).

The result is the de-valuation of information. It’s less about the quality of any discrete piece of content and more about the numbing consequence of sheer abundance.

Image: ‘Grocery List