Loads of ways to tell your stories

If you subscribe to the thought that all we (as humans) ever really want is for others to listen to us…our stories, our dreams, our desires, etc…then, the explosion of Web 2.0 really, really, really feeds into that innate need.

Inspired by Alan Levine’s 50 ways to tell a story as well as my upcoming presentation on two online presentation sites, I have been diving into other presentation sites.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Voicethread…it is just so nice. Here’s an example:

But, I also found a new one: Vuvox. Also very, very easy and fun.Both tie to Flickr so you can pull in photos from there as well as uploading them from your computer and then add audio, etc to make the storytelling very easy, but slick looking. Check it out. The only problem I have had with this site is that sometimes, the audio just starts playing and I cannot find a way to stop it. I do love my James Brown but that might have some problems at times!

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