My First 5K

Okay…I did it. I ran in my first 5K. My goals were pretty basic:
To finish
To only walk 1 time
To be running at the finish line

I succeeded in two of the three goals.  (I had to walk more than once). I got a “stitch” in both sides at different points in the race that just forced me to stop running. I am guessing that is from going a little too fast.

I was happy with my final time..I finished in 40 minutes and 25 seconds, which is a 13 minute mile pace – not bad for me!

In my age division, I finished 13 out of 14 (reminds me of my only bicycle race I did back in college – I came in 3 out of 4 in my race and that was only because one woman fell and broke her leg in the race – it was a bad scene). If the race had been 3 days later, I would have been in a different age bracket and I actually would have come in THIRD!!!! I find that amazing and little encouraging to try this again next year.

Here is a slideshow from the event.