Imagini – a different kind of personality test.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Take this different kind o’ personality test. See how well it works for you.

For me, here’s what I took away:

Mood: Sofisticat (a bit of a romantic and like to get back to basics. As for music, you’re a discrerning listening – a tech head. When it comes to art, you appreciate real craftsmanship)

Fun: Conqueror (Keeping a clear head and healthy body make you ready for whatever life throws at you. When it comes to holidays, you’ll take experience over comfort)

Habits: Back to Basics (Even if you have a healthy approach to life you still have little vices that keep you going throughout the day)

Love: Touchy Feely (You like to be able to share your whole life with your frienda, family and your partner….you’re a love bug)

Touchy Feely, huh? Hmmmm……