Finding the time to blog….yes, it can be done

Exactly! That is what I said to myself (well, maybe I said “Self, Exactly!”….when I read this article from Amy Gahran (which I got via Stephen Downes’ OLDaily)

Maybe it is because I am not a writer by profession, but I have been treating my blogging as just a part of the process. Sure, some of my blogs are information sharing devices and some are more “backup brain” postings but I have noticed that I have added the “Oh, I should blog this” thought to my process of developing training materials, finding useful resources and just generally thinking about stuff as I go through life.

Cool. – How to blog without the time sink

“A blog post is not (or at least, it shouldn’t be) a writing assignment you must prep for and deliver as a finished package. Let go of the idea that you must have everything nailed down, organized, and edited before you publish.”

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