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We felt pretty glamorous and lucky to be at the first event on the 6th floor of the Sunsphere. It has recently been reopened with an observation deck on the 4th floor but this upper floor is now available for events. Our bowling buddy, Brian, had his 50th birthday party here. It was a spectacular view and grand party. I love the Sunsphere..sure it looks like a giant microphone for King Kong karaoke and Bart Simpson did knock it over in an episode of The Simpsons but it is cool and I haven’t been up there since the 1982 World’s Fair so that was a treat.

After the party, we wandered around the park a bit. Here is a nice shot I got of the Sunsphere using my cool Gorillapod device. See that ring of lights in the middle of the gold ball? That is where we were for the party: