What is design? Fun introduction

Since my museum days, I have always entertained the notion that I have had a little design experience. I did get to work very closely with the designer there and I did a little bit of layout work and exhibit design on my own as well. It was a lot of fun and I probably would love to do it full-time. I am pretty much only working in web design now and only at small bits.

This video is a pretty funny (little too long) introduction to the world of design..mostly product design but it applies across the board. When he points out how we can always spot bad design, I just nodded vigorously.

It is so true..much of our technology is really bad design. I keep trying to mix the techy with the stuff that makes you feely good.

 I struggle with it every day in my web design. How to make things easy to find, useful for as many folks as possible and still look “pretty”. It is a challenge.