Musicovery – Discovery by mood and connections

musicover screenshotI was exploring the mood “badges” and other sites that track the collective hive’s mood online. Interesting stuff but I’m just not voyeuristic enough to poke around on these sites for very long. But, this site: Musicovery really caught my eye.

It was built by the folks at the Experience Project, which is (from their site)

…a network of communities based on life experiences, such as surviving cancer or attending Stanford. Share your life experiences and the stories behind them, and we automatically find others who share experiences with you. The more you have in common, the stronger the potential connection– and the deeper the understanding.

To quote Spock: Fascinating.

I love the idea of using technology to hook you up with folks who have the same…well, whatever. These are folks you will probably enjoy knowing but would never cross paths. Of course, then you have to wonder about where this will take us. Will we all stay holed up in our homes with our computers only communicating with folks that we know will agree with us on …well, whatever? I don’t necessarily want that. But, for now – I’m just enjoying the music! It’s a happy place where I live in my mind.

Musicovery : interactive webRadio

Experience Project. Meet New Friends Through Shared Life Experiences. A Support Community That Understands You, Perfectly

By the way, in my Musicovery radio, using 100% positive and all genres except metal for all decades, I kicked off with

  • David Bowie – Fill Your Heart
  • Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
  • B-52’s – Dirty Back Road