Sky Mall Musings

Since I was trapped for over an hour on the tarmac in Detroit awaiting our ground crew (which totally wiped out our early arrival from Duluth), I actually looked at EVERY SINGLE PAGE of the Sky Mall magaine in the seat pocket in front of me.

It was a fun mix of all kinds of things I didn’t realize I needed. From the waterproof iPod protectors and many ways to disguise the cat little box (our disguise is called the basement!) to all manner of watches and exercise equipment, Sky Mall provides it all. The remote control blimps and voice activated R2D2 model got me going.

But, this one really caught my eye – an IP based thermostat for your home heating/cooling system. You mean I can put my heat pump on my home network and then make changes via my web browser? Yup, you can. Check it out.

It is a good thing they took out those little air phones they used to have on the planes so I couldn’t place my order easily!!

That got me looking around for other IP ways to control things around my house. Oh my! It is amazing what you can do. You can control just about everything over an home network – lights, stereo, intercom, blinds, entertainment systems, security cameras…just to name a few.

Folks go out of their way to share their systems. That is the techy-feely way to do things…figure it out and then share how you did it. I just don’t think it if for house is not that big and I am not too inclined to try to figure all of that out. But, if I could get down to just one remote control for all of the TV/stereo/DVD stuff..that would be good. Maybe even this remote -so I won’t lose it.