P365 – 052107

I was feeling that my daily photos were starting to get a little stale, er, predictable, er, routine, oh..just say it: Boring.

How many cute kitten photos can one blog take? Well, probably lots but I think my three readers deserve more! So, I am going to make a little self-assignment. This week, I will try to take photos of the technology I surround myself with that I love. You know, the “techy” things in my life that make me “feely” good!

First up, my trusty 3G iPod. Chock full of 15 g (well, almost – there is about 120 MB free, I think) I carry it everywhere. I don’t listen all the time, but I have it so if I want to listen..I can. And, it can be a soundtrack for whatever mode I am in. Perfect for those of us who like to control the soundtrack like they do on Grey’s Anatomy.