Some P365 things (or is that project365)

I added the Flickr module to my Netvibes page this morning and fiddled with it to show only photos tagged “p365”, which is what I have been using. When I first did this little task a few months ago, there was one other member on Flickr who was using that tag. Now, there are several more doing the same project….many starting in 2007. I was curious. And, there is so much to Flickr that I have yet to discover, I felt like I should plunk on my spelunker hat and get going into the depths. Wanna go along? Great!

So, you can see all of the public Flickr photos with the tag “p365” here and many more tagged “project365“.

Then, there is this thing called clusters. Not sure what this about just yet but here’s an example.

the Project 365 group iconThere is also a Project 365 group (which I don’t belong to) that has 735 members in it!

Guess I am not alone with this little diversion.