P182.5 – Halfway through this project

April 24 marks the 6 month point on my Project 365 Photo a day posting here at Techy-Feely. Thought I would do a quick rundown on some stats/thoughts. For my 3 readers! You know I love you.

  • I had hoped the 512 MB SD card would last for the 6 months but I had to reformat it on April 21. So close.
  • I have posted 180 photos to Flickr in that time
  • I have missed 19 days with 18 of those during the time I lost the camera. Not sure about that stray missing day in November.
  • I have probably taken more photos of the kittens than I would have guessed. But, they are cute and this is the first year.
  • The rechargable batteries were a great investment. They last longer in the camera and charge fast.
  • My camera is quickly becoming less popular on the Flickr camera stats page. I guess it is no longer available so I am getting “old school” by the second.

Hope you are enjoying the project as much as I am in doing it. Some days, getting the photo is a challenge and others I have a hard time deciding which one is “the one” for the day. (And, some days I just post more – it is my project so I can make the rules)