Part of the NowPublic

Interesting..within hours of posting my P365 photo from Thursday, I was contacted by someone at the NowPublic news site (“fresh, crowd-powered media”) who wanted to use the photo in their story about March Madness coming to YouTube.

Um, let me think abou..OKAY!!

Our pup is a star! (look on the lower right of the the slideshow button to see them all)

I’m going to check out the Nowpublic site a bit more but the fact that between Flickr, YouTube, blogs, wikis, and who knows what else – Twitter and Tumblr are newer options, but they might be too micro for this kind of thing – you can cobble together a news site from and for the masses of folks who are creating content of interest to them (and sometimes for others) is just fascinating.

March Madness comes to YouTube | The News is